Fence Installation

A great fence can add appeal to your home while also providing security. Whether you want added privacy or to secure your yard for kids and pets, Taylormade Roofing & Exteriors is your local choice for fence repairs and installation. We can work with you to give you a fence that is durable, attractive, and most importantly, secure. We offer several fencing options that can be customized to fit your needs and style. From wood to iron, a new and secure fence will give you peace of mind.


When installing a fence, privacy is a great added benefit. We can create a custom designed privacy fence that will suit your preferences.


When choosing a fence option, durability is an important factor. We offer several options that will last for several years.

High Quality

A high quality fence will not only last longer but will be more attractive too. Our fence materials are made of high quality and will look great.


A secure fence is important, especially with kids or pets. Our fence options will create a secure backyard that will give you peace of mind.

Decorative Metal

Decorative mental fences are an attractive, long lasting and durable option. This fence option comes in a variety of heights and can be simple or decorative to suite your preferences.


Wood fences are best for privacy and can be built in several heights and designs. From basic privacy fences to custom designs, wood fences are an attractive option.


Chain-link fences are a low cost and durable option that offers low maintenance. This popular fence choice is long-lasting and can be built in a variety of heights.

Using high-quality, durable materials, Taylormade Roofing & Exteriors can give you a fence that will last, keeping your yard secure for several years.

We have installed several fences in the Wichita area. Check out some of our previous fence installations for some inspiration.

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